AMIA 2007 Annual Symposium
Event Code:  W12
Event Type:  Workshop
Track:  Applications
Date: November 10, 2007
Time: 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Location: Chicago Ballroom 9
Open Source Tools and Applications in Medical Informatics
Track Description
Several academic groups and companies are involved in developing open source software for research and production systems. These systems are improved through collaboration with the larger open source community consisting of individual developers, end users and so on. We provide an overview and a live demonstration of various open source software being used in different areas of medical informatics - research, health information systems, personal health records, interface engines, interoperability, clinical trials, EMPI and so on. We intend to educate the interested audience about our projects and invite their collaboration.
Senthil Nachimuthu, MD
PhD Candidate -- University of Utah
Open Source Tools and Applications in Medical Informatics
Projeny Probabilistic Networks Generator in Java
Sondra R. Renly / Sarah Knoop
Software Engineer / Researcher -- IBM Almaden Research Center
Open Source Tools in Medical Informatics: The Eclipse Open Healthcare Framework
Cal Collins
CEO -- Akaza Research
OpenClinica - Open Source for Clinical Research
Paul Biondich, MD, MS
Research Scientist -- Regenstrief Institute
OpenMRS: A Community Developed Open Source Medical Record System for Developing Countries
Gerald Bortis
Lead Software Engineer -- Mirth Project
Mirth Project - Open Source Healthcare Integration Engine
Tom Jones, MD
Chief Medical Officer -- Tolven Healthcare Innovations
Electronic Health Records: Leveraging information standards and open source development
Will Ross
CIO -- Mendocino Informatics
Open Source Solutions for a Master Person Index
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